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If you want to ensure your yard and lawn make a smooth transition out of the cold winter and into the hot summer, there are a few key tasks you should add to your spring yard clean up checklist.


Summer weather always seems to be all over the place, especially here in New England! Since our weather can go from a rain downpour to a humid heat wave in what seems to be minutes our gardens and lawns can suffer from the moss, weeds and insects the crazy weather brings with it. Don’t let these burdens take over and ruin all the hard work you put into your lawn and garden during the spring. Use Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides to free your yard of these pest and take back control! Don’t want to use chemicals on your lawn or garden? Organic options of Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides will also help you stay in control without the use of chemicals!


After enjoying your pest free yard and all of your home-grown food throughout the summer fall is the time to put your yard to bed for its long winter nap. Spray wilt proof or any Antidesiccant on your bushes and outdoor plants to seal in moisture to help reduce the amount of water your plants loose through the long cold winter. Adding a blanket of burlap around your outdoor plants will also help protect them from the frost and harsh winter weather while still allowing them to breath!


Winter is a hard time for the birds that don’t migrate south. The frigid winter months is when birds need your help being fed the most. This is the time of year birds need to eat more since they are using extra energy to stay warm. Feeding birds is even most important during the late winter months when all of the snow is on the ground killing the wild seed producing plants making it difficult for them to forge for their own food. Fatty foods are the best choices to plump them up and keep them toasty throughout the entire season. You will notice more birds at the feeders in the morning getting an energy boost for their day! Peanuts and suet are two of the best options for your feeders considering they are high in fats and nutrients. Don’t forget to spread ice melt along your path to the feeders to avoid slipping on the ice!


With the warm weather well on its way, this is a good time of year to get out and clean up your lawn and gardens! Although it is still too soon to plant seeds outdoors this is the opportune time to get your seeds started inside your home and ready to be planted! Spring is also the perfect time to fertilize your lawn so it will grow strong and healthy year-round!

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